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    Management / SAT

    April, 24th 2018

    Affiliate Management Program and

    Travel Agencies Department


    - URL on SAT Travel logo and Commission lost


    Dear ladies and gentlemen at

    First of all, let me introduce myself to your Departments and to congratulate you for your excellent and powerful tool that we are allowed to use. My name is Alfredo Bitoraje, Director of SAT Airline and Travel Services d.o.o. registered in Croatia. Among our divisions, we have our online travel agency (OTA) SAT Travel (

    The reason why I am writing today, is because we would like to update our URL that is saved on our logo at the page where we promote your services under the product ´´In Cooperation With´´. When a passenger makes a click on the logo, gets the following message:’s server IP address could not be found.

    The reason is, because we do not have this domain anymore. Our new and definitive one is:
    Another point that I would like to mention is, that, last year, a very important customer for us, made a reservation in Rotterdam at a 4 Star Hotel. The Bastion. I would check the dates, but, it was for around 14 nights and we do not see any information about it.
    And last but not least, we would like to ask if we can load a bigger size of the logo and if we can also add our logo to the website that we could use when we make reservations as a travel agent.
    Please feel free to contact me VIA email:
    Once again, congratulations for your excellent product and services.
    Best regards!
    Alfredo Bitoraje
    SAT Travel


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