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    Ihsan Nasir

    Hi Edoardo,

    I haven't received my credit slip for this month and its already 14/05. I opened a ticket asking for this issue to be resolve and unfortunately it has been 24 hours and still no one from has responded.

    I also opened a similar ticket 17 days ago and no one has answered that ticket aswell. Can i please ask that someone get in touch with me as I dont know whether or not i will be paid this month.

    my ticket number is as follows: #71147

    Many Thanks

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    I haven't received credit slips for May, June and July. 20 days ago your support told me that you were experiencing technical difficulties. No additional info since then!

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    David Sanchez Fernandez

    Hello. I didn't received the pyament in July and you said: "Credit slip paid" and that's not true. I opened 4 requests and nobody replies me. I can't understand why it's so difficult to get in touch when We have a serious problems like this. I need a solution please. 

    I just changed from paypal to transfer just in case the problem is paypal.

    Thank you 

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    David Sanchez Fernandez

    Dimitar and Ihsan Nasir, have they solved you the problem or you haven't been paid yet?

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    Dimitar (Edited )

    Yes, I have been paid through Wire Transfer. All delayed payment were sent.
    But recently I switched again to PayPal.  Because I prefer this method and I hope that they have resolved the PayPal payment issues.

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    David Sanchez Fernandez

    How did you manage? Nobody replies my requests, I'm desperate. They have to pay me last month and they say: "credit slip is paid" and it's not true

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    Be patient and wait! Wait 20 days for reply.

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    Why do you send emails like:


    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Hi Sail,

    Thank you for contacting Affiliates Support.

    Your request (96065) about 2nd payment about to fail has been received and our support staff is on it!

    To add additional comments, reply to this email.


    where the reply email address is always ?

    Also, I have yet to receive any payment (from April) and seem unable to get a response let alone sort out the problem.




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    rosario guarino

    I have yet to receive any payment from April. Bho!!!

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